Pool Graph
An IoT device for monitoring a swimming pool
KegNet allowed home beer Kegerator owners to track and remotely view their beer keg volume, consumption, refrigerator temperature, and socialize with other enthusiasts. I developed both the client hardware (custom designed circuit-board on a Raspberry Pi) and server software. The server used the JEE7 technology stack on JBoss Wildfly; JSF (PrimeFaces), JPA (Hibernate), CDI (Weld), JAX-RS (RESTEasy), Jackson, and MySQL, on a Linux virtual environment.
EmuLinker is UDP network server for game system emulators that I wrote in 2005. During 2005-2008 there were as many as 100 server running worldwide serving a community of server thousand users.
BuzzSQL is a thin layer over Java JDBC that manages automatic configuration of database connection setup, pooling, configuration, logging, and statement handling.
Particle Photon Thermistor Library
Contributed a Thermistor library to Particle Photon shared libraries. This is an Arduino and C++ library used to read temperature from a thermistor (temperature dependent resistor).
JBoss Wildfly WebSocket Java Client
Contributed the WebSocket Java Client tutorial to the official JBoss WildFly quickstart GitHub project. This demonstrates how to use JSR 306 Java API for WebSocket as a WebSocket client.
Arquillian Resin Plugin
Arquillian Plugin for the Resin 4 Java EE 6 server.
dnsjava Name Service Provider
Contributed the Name Service Provider to the dnsjava project. dnsjava is a pure Java DNS client.
SpellTower Cheat
A little Java app that solves the iPhone game SpellTower.
Similar to standard "dd", sddd is a makes writing disk images to raw devices easier, less error prone, and more informative. Useful for writing Raspberry Pi images to an SD card.
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